Pilgrimage 2018

Site investigation

Over Easter 2018, the club had to make last minute changes to its walk program due to cyclone Debbie. Having noticed an advertisement for Jimna Base Camp on Facebook, Gavin put out the idea to have Ester at this location, and also check it out as a possible site for Pilgrimage 2018.

Jimna Base Camp had taken over the Jimna State School which had closed down in 2004.

The campground is the ex-school oval and can easily accommodate 250 people. Let’s take a tour. The complex can be exclusively booked.


At the rear of the campground up a small hill is the Jimna Sporting Club (which is licensed). Behind that is the former Jimna Forestry Station – now owned by an American religious organisation.


The sporting club gives a great view of the property looking across the oval back to the toilets, administration building, and principal’s residence. A concrete cricket pitch adorns the centre of the oval.


The toilet blocks from the access path from the oval, with the male to the left and female to the right. At the far end of each block is the addition of a gas demand hot water shower ensuite converted from the teacher’s toilet.

The sink at the rear of the female block is not plumbed.


Between the toilet blocks and the administration/classroom block is this large brazier, which about 40 people can be comfortably seat around it. Firewood is aplenty around the school.


The principal’s residence accommodates up to 8 people and is fully self contained. A quote is yet to be given of the cost to hire.

The underneath of the house is open for gatherings.


The administration block, with a games and recreation room underneath.

Upstairs to the left is a door to a small room, the next door opens to the lounge, and the next door opens to the dining room, with the rightmost door leading to an office. The lounge room and dining room also have a doorway between them as well as another games room and verandah. Any of these rooms can be configured into a dormitory.


The downstairs games and recreation area.


The lounge room is quite comfortable.


The dining room with original blackboard!


Dining room from another angle.


The balcony area that can be closed off and used as a dorm.


More of the balcony area/ dormitory.


Games room/ more sleeping accommodation.


The kitchen in the administration/classroom block.

From the administration block the tour continues.


The from of the Jimna Base Camp has well kept tennis/basketball, etc. courts.


The entry from School Road, Jimna.


The administration building from School Road, with the tennis courts in front.

A walk up Irvine Lane to Dingo Parade, and the views back to the Jimna Base Camp reveals its area.


From Dingo Parade the location of the camp area is seen behind the school buildings.


Then it was time to visit the other building on offer for the bush dance – Jimna Hall.


The hall is some 200 metres up School Road from Jimna Base Camp, and a short distance across the park is the Jimna Information Centre which has a limited shop selling coffees, soft drinks, ice creams and some other essential items.


Built in 1934, the hall is constructed of locally milled timber crow ash, hoop pine, ironbark, and the like.

The hall has a kitchen which is professionally graded.


Across from this kitchen is the dining room with a large hoop pine table and historical cupboards.


Offers have now been received about walks in the area, not well known but worth putting on the walk itinerary and for future walks.






2 responses to “Pilgrimage 2018

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  2. Looking forward to a great weekend walking and socialising with fellow bushwalkers in Jimna!


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