Northbrook Gorge

DATE Sunday 11/02/2018
VENUE White Cedar Day Use Area, Northbrook Parkway, via Mount Glorious
OUTING Northbrook Gorge
OUTING TYPE Swim/Walk Start Elevation 293 m Min Elevation 237 m
DISTANCE 3.2 km End Elevation 335 m Max Elevation 335 m


Gain 103 m Max Grade 50 m in 0.4 km = 12%
TRACK TYPE Walking trail, creek, swim through gorges
MEET TIME 8.00am
TRIP LEADER Gavin Dale (P) 3419 2222  (M) 0423 091 346 (E)

Driving directions: 

Drive out to Samford from Petrie, and continue through Samford to Mt Glorious and Mount Nebo. Ascend the D’Aguilar Range and at the top turn right to travel through Mount Glorious village. Continue through Mount Glorious Village onto Northbrook Parkway and follow down to Northbrook Creek crossings. White Cedar Day Use Area is on the right as you reach the bottom.

Mt Glorious Red Cedar

Map showing Mount Glorious to Red Cedar

White Cedar

Map showing White Cedar in relation to Red Cedar

Outing Directions:

Car pool to the start of the walk. From the car park descend on the narrow track to Northbrook Creek and then follow Northbrook Creek upstream. The first gorge is shortly reached has to be swum through as the gorge walls plummet into the creek. Form this section walk upstream for a few hundred metres to the second gorge which can be waded through. Continue along the creek to the final gorge with a waterfall at the end. Return via the same way.

Please bring: 

Boots, hat, sunscreen, water (at least 2 litres), snacks, towel, waterproof bag, light shoes/ sandals to wear in creek instead of boots.