Benefits of membership

  • Wide range of activities – Our Club provides members with a wide range of choice in activities, from easy on-track day walks to very challenging off-track and mountainous walks, catering to a wide range of abilities and preferences. If you are just starting out in bushwalking you will have a great opportunity to build confidence and progress from easy to more challenging activities.
  • Knowledge & Experience – Our Club – through its leaders –  has knowledge and experience of a wide range of South East Qld’s best bushwalking opportunities, probably unmatched by other groups in the area.
  • Skills Training & Development –  Our Club offers members opportunities for largely free training and development in leadership, navigation, camping and backpacking skills, abseiling, first aid, and wilderness survival.
  • Safety Standards – We have a long history of conducting safe activities. Through our policies and practices, we foster high standards of risk management among our leaders. Safety can be overlooked or neglected by more informal groups.
  • Protection –  Through public liability and personal accident insurances our Club provides our members and visitor walkers with the comfort that if something does go wrong they are far more protected than they would be otherwise from costs many walkers may not have considered. Our club is also covered by associations liability, meaning decisions made by the committee are protected.
  • Walking Fellowship – You will share walking activities with a large group of like-minded individuals and form many new friendships.
  • Access to bushwalking areas
    • Meeting points – The club’s policy is to inform members and visitors of the best meeting point for the walk. Members and visitors may wish to take advantage of car-pooling, but this is left to individuals to organise themselves.  The club may decide on a carpool to be undertaken where the parking area at the meet point may be restricted. Also where the walk has a long one-way distance, cars can be set up at each end for a car shuffle. 
    • Access Agreements – The club through its affiliation with Bushwalking Queensland Inc. is able to have larger groups on walks without the need for a permit.
  • Informality  –  Our Club doesn’t have a formal book-in policy for most day walks, so members have the flexibility to turn up on the day of an activity without requiring prior commitment, it is recommended to inform of your intentions if known prior, so we can know who to expect.
  • Gear Hire – Our Club does not maintain an inventory of bushwalking and camping equipment for hire, but members may be willing to allow for equipment to be borrowed or pooled
  • Year-long walk calendar – Our Club maintains a Walk Calendar covering the calendar year, which includes two walks a month, with one walk being an easy type of walk and the other for more experienced bushwalking.
  • Environmental Responsibility – Our Club’s practices ensure our activities have minimal impact on the natural environment that provides us with so much pleasure.
  • ‘Permanency’ –  Our Club has moved with the times, but is also a ‘stayer’ of substance, with a proud history of more than 25 years, providing a lasting stable Club environment for its members. Unlike some more informal groups, it doesn’t rely on just one or two short-term ‘champions’ to thrive.
  • Opportunity to Contribute in a Club’s Organisation – Our Club Committee positions can provide a great opportunity for personal development, for those wanting to feel more directly involved and willing to give something back to the Club and community while also gaining valuable experience in Committee processes and organisational governance. This is helped by our Club having strong governance policies and procedures in place.
  • Exploration – Our club is always finding new walks
  • Land Manager and Owner Stakeholder – Our Club is regularly consulted when land owners and managers develop and upgrade bushwalking areas.

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