Blackbutt to Linville – BVRT

The walk started at Blackbutt Showgrounds Brisbane Valley Rail Trail trailhead and a Gonya running and cycling event was in full swing. It had 18km run and 18km bike ride (between Blackbutt and Fettlers Rest), and a 30 km run and 30km bike ride (between Blackbutt and Moore).

The trail surface was mainly gravel and initially was fairly flat with a couple of dips at creek crossings, which were steep. After 4 km Benarkin was reached and due to the riders on the track, decided to walk around the street to First Settlers Park and get back onto the BVRT. A toilet break was taken then the walk continued.

From here the rail trail crossed under the D’Aguilar Highway, then passed through remnant rainforest, dry sclerophyll forest and open grassy land along the hoop pine plantation. There were grass trees, banksias, pea flowers, and multi-coloured lantana adding to the beauty.

After 9 km, Fettlers Rest was reached with shelter shed and tables. The feature here is the dogs set up to look like people in deference to a god. A memorial to fettlers lives lost working on railways. A sidetrack led to a culvert under the BVRT that was engineered in 1865 and first used under the (now disused) line at North Ipswich.  After a short rest, it was time to continue on and the BVRT paralleled Blackbutt Creek, with a number of crossings before passing under the D’Aguilar Highway at the halfway point.

Just past this point is a track junction with the Allery Circuit leading off to the left. This is also the point of the re-routed Bicentennial National Trail, which follows the BVRT back to Blackbutt.

From there the BVRT descended along the Blackbutt Creek valley to Linville mostly in the open, with great views.

Arrival in Linville Station, 22.6 km from Blackbutt, has old rolling stock at the station and such a shame they are getting rundown with neglect…

A great day out…


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