Good Friday Walk – The Big Hole

Easter is off and running as the club goes out and survey walks for the upcoming Bushwalkers Pilgrimage.

The first walk was to The Big Hole.

Starting from Jima Base Camp the walk went up School Road to Bellbird Road, then turn right and follow Bellbird Road to Borgan Road. Turning left onto Borgan Road, the walk descended to Yabba Creek. Crossing Yabba Creek on a causeway, the walk continued to the next road on the right. This road went uphill from Borgan Road. After 350 metres a faint track was located and followed. This track ascended along the edge of the hoop pine plantation for 1.1 km to a rise and an intersection. The right-hand track which also kept to the edge of the hoop pine plantation was followed for 700m down to a gully. After pushing through lantana it was decided to head back up and follow the other track. This track was followed for 160 metres until it was discovered it was worse than the first track and leading in the wrong direction. 

So we backtracked the 160 metres and then retraced the 700m to the gully. The track turned left and followed the gully before continuing on 400 m to climb to a road. Turning right the road was followed for about 900m down to The Big Hole on Yabba Creek. The creek was easily crossed on a grooved weir, and then the road followed for 700m to a side track. This track went for 30m to the rear of the houses in Jimna, then swung left and went for another 500m to come out onto Bellbird Road. Bellbird was followed to School road and then School Road to Jimna Base Camp. 


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