Easter Saturday 2018

J Traverse

This walk started out on Bellthorpe Road at the apiary site at the junction with Old Middle Road.  The walk then walked along Bellthorpe Road to Ten Mile Road. The walk then followed Ten Mile Road to J Traverse, turning left onto J Traverse. Prior to this intersection, there is an overgrown track that is a shortcut to J Traverse. J Traverse was followed as it descended to Kilcoy Creek (West Branch) with lovely waterholes, cascades and rapids, before climbing out to Bellthorpe Road. Turning left at Bellthorpe Road, Bellthorpe Road was followed, passing the intersection with Middle Road and the Bora Ring. The Bora Ring is marked on the map but there is only a vestige of its location, as there is nothing distinct remaining to identify the exact location.  After a short distance past the Bora Ring, the bee site and cars were found.

Borgans Road to Peach Trees to Tip Road

Back to camp for lunch, then after lunch, walked to Borgan Road, and continued on Borgan Road over Yabba Creek and ascended a ridge into hoop pine forest. The road descended to Tungi Creek and then ascended to a ridge, and a road junction. The road to the left was followed as it kept to the ridge top before descending to a creek with a lovely set of rock slabs in it. The road then climbed steeply and regained the ridge and then followed the edge of private property before descending to Peach Trees Camp Ground. 

From Peach Trees Camp Ground the Peach Trees Road was followed over Yabba Creek to the Eugenia Circuit. The Eugenia Circuit was followed as it paralleled Yabba Creek, till just before it crossed the creek, where a track to the right, ascending away from the creek was found.  This picked up a vehicular track through the grass until we were high enough to contour. There was no intention this time to climb to the track as it was highly likely to be covered in lantana, making progress difficult. 

We made our way contouring around the ridges and gullies, till a steep gully was encountered. A quick backtrack found beer cans on two trees and an easy path across the gully. Once across the gully, another two trees with beer cans were found signifying the crossing. We continued contouring till another steep gully, heavily timbered and a mass of undergrowth proved to big an obstacle. There was no choice now but to ascend to the track on the other side of a fence and hope the lantana was going to be kind. 

Having gained the track, the lantana was not fully covering the track so, with a bit of slight bashing, the way was made through to the old Jimna Tip and Tip Road. This road was followed into Jimna, then a right turn into Dingo Parade and follow Dingo Parade to its end at a pathway, leading to Irvine Lane. Then it was down Irvine Lane to Jimna Base Camp.



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