Glass House Mountains Lookout Walk


Recent weather: Torrential rainfall

Weather: Fine, sunny and humid

Weather outlook: Mid-morning storm

Starting from the car park, the walk followed the track from the lower lookout. Walking along the walking track, two steep tracks were found, and then returned to the BBQ area of the lookout. 800 metres down. The track was damp, but good condition.

So back we went and descended the first trail down and reached a forestry road. The walk turned left and followed the road which led to the Glasshouse-Woodford Road, passing a junction on the right.

Returned to this junction and turned left and descended along this track. After a short time came to the boundary of the pine forest with a heavily bent gate. Continued straight ahead and descended further to a track end. Looks like a creek has stopped progress.

Return to the intersection and turned left. A short distance and a stop was made in the shade for morning tea.


After morning tea, we continued on the track keeping straight ahead at the next junction to a T-junction with a track that had a new gravel surface. From this point was a great view across to Tunbubudla.


This track was followed to the right and passing the track from Tunbubudla West and Beerburrum-Woodford Road.

At the next junction with a gate, the track through the gate was followed and started the ascent to the lookout. Halfway up the hill a flat track contouring the hill was taken. This track came to an abrupt end. So it was to return to the big hill and continue up. At the next intersection, the track to the right was followed and turned out to be that we had been on this track before!

So we returned to the ascent track which was at the previous intersection and ascended steeply to the Lookout Track and the Lookout.

We were all bathed in sweat at the end of the 5.67 km walk, with the hills takig it out of us.

Good walk!


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