Caboolture Trail


Distance: 22.3 km

Elevation gained: 128m 

Maximum Elevation: 60m

Starting from Nursery Road, Caboolture the rail trail followed the old Caboolture to Wamuran (and at one stage to Woodford and Kilcoy). The trail was mainly gravel, but it is also surfaced with ballast, asphalt, and some grassy sections. The trail is continually mowed.

After departing Nursery Road the trail is flat before the first little bridge with the warning about using the bridge. There was no other way so over we went.


Then it was negotiating the road crossing of Henzell Street, before passing behind the large sawmill for milling the radiata pine.

Then a large black fence across the rail trail appeared. This fence surrounded Grace Lutheran College, Caboolture Campus, but luckily there was a footpath around this. There were survey pegs on the school side of the rail trail, so the fence may be going!

A little further on the footpath came out onto Smith’s Road, which was crossed carefully and the rail trail proper re-joined. Along this stretch, Tullawong State School, Tullawong High School, and St Pauls Lutheran School were passed, before the D’Aguilar Highway came in close to the rail trail. There was a thin area of trees between the rail trail and the highway.

After a short distance, the site of the Moodlu Station was passed, before concrete blocks encountered to stop vehicles being driven along the rail trail. Further along, halfway to Wamuran, the Moodlu bridge was passed under and then the rail trail crossed King Street. The rail trail continued to parallel the D’Aguilar Highway but the views from the rail trail were stunning. Drivers on the D’Aguilar Highway do not see these things.

The rail trail gradually ascended from King Street to Wamuran, including passing behind the Wamuran sawmill, and under the D’Aguilar Highway before coming out onto Nasho’s  Park at Wamuran. From the D’Aguilar Highway bridge into Nasho’s Park, the rail has been left lying, including one set of points.


The return was the reverse of the route, but downhill all the way.

A great walk with great company.


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