Bushwalk – Easter Sunday 2017

The walk started from the Jimna Base Camp, a newly developed campground in the town on Jimna. The walk went along School Road to the Jimna Hall and then followed Bellbird Road to the left to the intersection with Dingo Parade and Tip Road.

At this intersection the walk traversed Bellbird Common in front of the Barracks and around the fence and into the creek. A bike track was picked up and followed out of the creek and out to Yabba Creek. The walk then followed Yabba Creek, high enough to keep out of the lantana lining the creek.

After about 3 km., a large gully was encountered which impeded progress. Following the gully upstream the track along the edge of the hoop pine forest was found, and crossed this gully.

After ascending out of the gully and reaching the crest of the next hill, the walk hen entered the open paddock and descended back to Yabba Creek. Yabba Creek was then followed to the Eugenia Circuit which is a circuit along Yabba Creek from Peach Trees Campground. Crossing Yabba Creek the circuit ascended to a lookout.


The walk then went into Peach Trees Campground for a look around and it was found the swimming hole was open and there was a WiFi tower.

The return from Peach Trees completed the Eugenia Circuit and then ascended the ridge at the original entry point to the circuit. At the top of the ridge, a track was followed back to Tip Road in Jimna and on to the campground.

#WalkaboutBear had another great day.



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