Bushwalk – Diana’s Bath, D’Aguilar National Park

March 12, 2017

The day started off with a meet at Dayboro Cemetery and then a car pool of 4WD vehicles drove down Mount Pleasant Road, onto Chambers Road and entering D’Aguilar National Park. From there turning left at Range Road at the crest of the D’Aguilar Range drove to the junction with Byron Creek Road, which was a right turn. The driving route then went down Byron Creek Road and then turned right into Diana’s Bath Road. This road was then followed to the car park.

From the car park, the road down was followed into the creek which the horse trail was met. The trail narrowed and the path followed through lantana to the creek and a rock crossing. The creek was followed downstream till a clear path found through the vegetation on the western bank and providing access to the foot pad leading to Diana’s Bath. Upon reaching the foot pad, note was taken of the features at this location for finding on return. After a total of about 2km, Diana’s Bath was reached. After a swim by a few (the water looked too dirty for others) and then early lunch it was time to return to the cars.


Following the foot pad, vigilance was kept for the point to cross the creek and pick up the rest of the trail. All of a sudden the track dropped to the creek and paddocks could be seen in the distance. The point had been missed. Recognised the location, it was an easy exit back to the cars, taking the same distance to return.

Then it was drive out to Dayboro Cemetery and the group parted ways, with some heading the Dayboro Bakery for afternoon tea.



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