1 2 3 0r 4 peaks #gavinswaterbottle adventure #ndw2016 Pt 1

Peak 1 – Mount Beerburrum

Starting at Beerburrum State School at 9.10am, the walk initially headed off to ascend Mount Beerburrum. Skies were overcast, but no sign of rain. The ground was wet from the overnight rain and this was concerning for the concrete track on Mount Beerburrum. So it was decided to walk up the road from Beerburrum Road to the day use area of Mount Beerburrum, and then the slog up Mount Beerburrum. Gavin started well and it looked like the 100km two weeks ago had conditioned him. Gavin’s first stop was 2/3 of the way up to catch his breath, but that was a short break and before long we were on top. Gavin dropped me and the backpack off at the bottom of the firetower, grabbed the camera and climbed to the viewing platform. A short time later they were down as it was quite windy on that platform, and still on the summit.

Once everyone had enough it was time to descend, and in these conditions, the chance of slipping was greatest. Slow and steady was the norm as each step was taken gingerly with the thought of losing control and wondering how far down the path we would slide let alone keeping to the path.

On the way down, Gavin gained his composure walking down but then the path got steeper and the ginger approach took over again. So, finally we were down the path and walked down the road to Beerburrum State School, arriving at 10.30am. It was decided to have morning tea at the Soldier Settlers’ Memorial Bridge.


Peak 2 – Mt Tibberroowuccum

After getting to the bottom of Mount Beerburrum, the Soldiers Settlers’ Trail was followed to Caves Road. Then Caves Road was followed to the west to the crossing of the Trachyte Circuit. Turning right and descending to the Tibrogargan Creek waterhole. Passing along Tibrogargan Creek the track came out onto road and turned right. After a short distance, the Trachyte Circuit veered off the road to parallel the road to the Trachyte Circuit Car Park. Passing through the car park the walk then followed a track paralleling Barrs Road till it came out onto Barrs Road. A short distance a track to the left was followed uphill and then traversed the base of Mount Tibberroowuccum to a cairn. From this cairn an ascent was made to the summit ridge and out to the pinnacle of Mount Tibberroowuccum.



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