1 2 3 0r 4 peaks #gavinswaterbottle adventure #ndw2016 Pt 2

Peak 3 – Tunbubudla East Peak

After lunch on top of Mount Tibberroowuccum the descent was made on the original track to the road which went straight across to Old Gympie Road. Turning left and then taking a track to the right and then a track to the left, the road around the base of Tunbubudla was met. Andy departed for the saddle while the rest of the group walked down to Old Gympie Road and then turned right up to the national park sign. From there it was a bush bash through fire recovery bush to the top of the East Peak. The slope was steep and loose rocks made the way difficult let alone the fallen branches and charcoal trees. By the time the top was reached they all looked like they came out of a coal mine. After a brief rest on the summit it was time to make way for the saddle. Te sun was gong down and so the saddle had to be reached before nightfall. The way down was steeper than the way up, but soon orange tape was found to follow making the way a lot easier. After a long descent the saddle was reached and Andy was waiting.

A nice sunset was seen on the way down and the main track at the base of the mountain was reached before it was too dark. Then it was a case of following the track and roads to Beerburrum.

Overall description

It was a mammoth effort of hiking 19.33km, taking 6h54min and a total ascent of about 800m, burning 1800 calories and then taking a phone call, which Gavin thought had cancelled tracking, so Gavin re-started MapMy Hike. The next leg of 9.32 km taking 3h00min and a total ascent of 200m, gaining the maximum height of 290.8m, burning 830 calories. Upon getting home, Gavin found that all the track had in fact been recorded.


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