Setting the walk up – 17 July 2016

This is a preliminary post to let everyone know that the planned walk for the 17th July 2016, being a fundraiser for Diabetes Qld is going ahead. The delay was due to work that the Beerburrum and Beerwah Forest was closed by Forest Plantations Qld due to the bad weather. This now appears to be not the case, but a lingering notice that is yet to be removed.

Anyway the plan as it stands at the moment is to meet in the car ark of Beerburrum State School on the western side of the school, Beerburrum Road, Beerburrum. Parrot park would not handle all the cars anyway!

From there all walkers will climb to the peak of Mount Beerburrum, and return and then head out on the Soldiers Memorial Walk. The 5km walkers will break off and head back to their cars.

The rest of walkers will then join the Trachyte Circuit and walk to the Trachyte Circuit Car Park. From there they will walk around the base of Mount Tibberroowuccum to the summit  track and ascend Mount Tibberroowuccum.  The 10km walkers then break off and the rest cross through the forestry to Tunbubudla, climbing the east peak via the east ridge then descending into the saddle, then ascending the west peak via the track and descending the same track from West Peak then walking out to Beerburrum State School.

The actual distances are to be determined for each leg.

If you wish to attend please reply to this post, or check the event on the Glasshouse Bushwalkers event page on Facebook or email

For donations visit Gavins Donation Page


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