#gavinswaterbottle Big Adventure on the BVRT 3

Day 3 – Saturday 02/07/2016

Late start this morning at 7.00 am with official photography with Tanya Smith from BVRT. Gavin walked with a sizeable group south out of Esk after a group photo at Esk Station. The walk followed the rail trail over South Street and on south towards Coominya to the locale of Mount Hallen. This part of the rail trail wound along Sandy Creek with a number of bridges including a large descent into Sandy Creek. Generally the rail trail ascended to the Mount Hallen Station. Upon arrival, there was another 5 km to go by return to make up the 100km. Three women were seen heading off on arrival at Mount Hallen to mark the turn around point. Gavin and Andy were feeling really fresh so decided to continue on and do the 5km and come back for food and rest. After winding around big bends and around a large paddock covered in hail meeting, a whistle board was passed then the girls in front were seen marking the track. Gavin and Andy hit the line and then returned to Mount Hallen for a rest, water and food.

Gavin had a knee brace on his right knee and this had alleviated the pain in the tendons in his right foot. After the rest, and allowing some of the group to get ahead, Andy and Gavin departed for the last 10km of the walk. After about 500m Gavn noticed he had left his stick behind!! Ha Ha another casualty hope it makes it back, because Gavin is not interested in returning to get it!!

Arriving back at Esk, had to contend with the pedestrian traffic going into the racecourse for the Esk Races. At the Esk Station, a chequered flag was flying…the end of the walk!!

Day Distance: 25 km     Total Distance: 102 km

Day Time: 5.5 hours      Total time: 23.0 hours

That was a long trek, but I can see from Gavin’s elation he is now ready for the Great Ocean Walk in September as a fundraiser for Diabetes Qld. Donation Link for donations to help Gavin celebrate celebrate his success.




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