#gavinswaterbottle Big Adventure on the BVRT 2

Day 2 – Friday 01/07/2016

The second day, with temperature about 8 degrees Decius,saw Gavin and the group conveyed to Coominya. The group initially walked in the morning mist of which the first 4 km of the trail had one slight left bend. Shortly after this the bridge over Lockyer Creek was encountered. This had a steep descent to the creek bed and then a steep ascent to the level of the farmland and rail trail. The rail bridge is heritage listed, but what a piece of engineering. It was then noticed that my cover had fallen off…oh god not again! It was either in the ute that conveyed us to Coominya or had fallen onto the track and hopefully someone will pick it up. I’m not feeling so snug now! The water in me is getting warmer and the pungent smell of chlorine was increasing!

Onward towards Lowood, and passed cattle pasture, one paddock with a mob of kangaroos, and interesting buildings from very old with trees growing through them to very new. On approach to Lowood, the amount of new houses was astounding. As the town was approached and running alongside the golf course nice native gardens had been planted along the rail trail giving a pleasant entry into town, but also a different one.

At the Lowood park we were met as usual with applause, as we made our customary lead in to the morning tea stop. Gavin settled in to scoff fruit, slices, cakes and other nibbles, fruit juice and refilled me with bottled water. What a relief! The chlorine smell was gone. Then the next group arrived and lo and behold there was my cover. It had made its way back to me!

Then we headed off to Fernvale. Gavin was having a hard time to decide if it was worthwhile to get a coffee at the famous Fernvale Bakery. As we approached Fernvale, the rail trail paralleled the Fernvale-Lowood Road, and just out of Lowood on the Brisbane River is a large fruit bat colony.

Thos part of the rail trail was fairly flat except for the slight grade into Fernvale, where the rail trail departed from paralleling the road and cutting across country. On arrival in Fernvale it was lunch and a variety of subs from the local Subway were available. Also the usual fruit, cakes, etc. were win offer as were soft drinks, juices and water.

Once Gavin was fed, he packed up and left with Andy as par for the course. Of course at this stage other groups were determined to get to the next destination first, so headed off earlier. This stage was to Wanora. In this section, the rail trail made a long ascent to Wanora, and the rail ballast was on the surface for kilometres, making walking difficult. No matter what shoes were worn, there was conjecture as to the most suitable for this walk.

On arriving at Wanora, we were some 260m short of the target 37 km so walked to a fence where the rail trail is currently closed to gain 160m. Will have to get the 100m at Fernvale. After a break with the usual fare, headed back to Fernvale. A group of women left and instructed Andy and I to give them 30 minutes head start. After a while on the rocky ground, Gavin and Andy decided to increase the pace to get over this ground as fast as possible. Andy’s pace was too much for Gavin and he just let Andy go. The long descent soon gave up to the short ascent to Fernvale and on this ascent, Gavin was feeling hypo so he took a break and found he was OK. Must be just fatigue. As he was packing up, the three ladies passed – where had Gavin passed them. (Later photos revealed that they saw Gavin coming and hid!)

On reaching Fernvale, Andy departed in the first group, and so I waited for the rest of the walkers to get a lift back to Esk. While here Gavin took the chance to find out why the camera on his iPhone wasn’t working. Turns out it was too cold to register Gavin’s finger on the screen.

Day Distance: 38.1 km      Total Distance: 76.7 km

Day Time: 8.0 hours          Total time: 17.5 hours




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