#gavinswaterbottle Big Adventure on the BVRT

Day 1 – Thursday 30/06/2016

It was about 2 degrees Celsius when Gavin met the group, and then we were off at 6.25am heading along the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail 12km to Ottaba for morning tea. The trail was fairly flat except for the descent into gullies and creeks where the rail bridges had been rendered unsafe. The trail then started to climb as it entered hilly country, and passed under the Brisbane Valley Highway. Just past here was the Ottaba morning tea stop, where we collected our chairs and food and water and enjoyed a lovely break, and placed our coffee orders.

When we were ready to push on, we left for Toogoolawah 8 km away. The rail trail passed through paddocks with a lot of bird life, livestock and lovely scenery, then entered the town of Toogoolawah with a nice new bridge over Cressbrook Creek. Then it was into town to Toogoolawah Station for another break. This was supposed to be a lunch stop, but as we were ahead of time, it was decided to have lunch back at Ottaba. This was 19.3km after 3 hours. But the coffee was a welcome distraction, looking at Gavin’s face.

So we walked back the 8km to Ottaba, and the country looked totally different as we walked in the opposite direction. Arriving in Ottaba our chairs were out waiting for us and lunch was exceptional. Gavin likes these catered bushwalks. Sandwiches, fruit, soft drinks, sweet cakes, lollies and muesli bars were on offer. Nirvana for the walkers! Gavin was also given his camera tripod which had dropped out…at least it wasn’t me!!

Then it was time to depart and make our way to Esk, as usual Andy and Gavin left in the middle of the pack but were first to arrive in Esk.

Distance: 38.6 km Time: 9.5 hours

Gavins Physical State: One blister on top of third toe on left, a sore tendon in the right ankle and sore foot pads. Also a tendon in the back on the left side near the lower shoulder blade.






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