26/06/2016 – Trail No.1 and a bit of no. 2

#gavinswaterbottle adventure

The day started out with a car pool at 7.00am from the car park of the Sundowner Hotel in brisk 3 deg. C temperature. But with high cloud, and a fair smattering of blue sky, it looked like a great day dawning.

Arriving at Kin Kin at 8.30 am, it was a it of a wait for the rest and the start of the walk at 9.00am. The coffee shop in Kin Kin was open! Wasn’t ready for that and now too late to get a coffee! Maybe on return then!

The walk started off down Main Street, Kin Kin and stopped at the map of the Noosa Trails, then continued down Main Street towards the No. 1 track junction. Main Street became Sister Tree Creek Road and still no sign of the trail marker. After a further 1 km, realisation hit that we had missed the trail marker! Oh well it is nice here walking in the sun so kept on going down Sister Tree Creek Road as Gavin said the there is a road that will take us back to trail 1. Then trail 3 was met as it came down Pendle Creek Road and indicated to continue on Sister Tree Creek Road for 1.8 km. Gavin said this is the route to go back into Kin Kin as trail 3 was going there and trail 1 met it.

After 1.8 km, a sign indicating to turn right down Grady’s Lane and Gavin said trail 1 travels along this lane too. So after crossing the creek, and a short distance past this the intersection with Perseverance Road was met with the junction of trails 1 and 3. Gavin was relieved that he was right after all and had a drink of water from me in celebration.

Trail 1 then followed Grady’s Lane to Grady’s Park, where a picnic table and shelter beckoned the group to take a break. By this time it had warmed and the shade in amongst marvellous camphor laurel trees was divine!


From Grady’s Park, trail 1 then traversed a number of paddocks with gates as it followed the original route of Grady’s Lane. Some paddocks had cattle in them, with one herd waiting to see the gate was going to be opened for them.

Eventually we made it out onto Wahpunga Lane and followed it for a couple of kilometres before turning right onto Bunnies Lane. Some lovely houses were passed on Wahpunga Lane, especially the property called “Wahpunga Hill”. Bunnies Lane was followed for a short while before meeting the Gympie-Kin Kin Road.

A short distance along Gympie-Kin Kin Road and the trail turned left into Shepperson’s Lane with the Living Springs Health Retreat on the corner. After about another kilometre Shepperson’s Park was reached and time for lunch and a break.

Here Gavin removed me from his pack for both a drink and also to walk me up to Cootharaba Views Lookout some 1.7 km away after 2.5 km the lookout was reached with its commanding views over the Noosa Heads, Lake Cootharaba, and Cooloola Sand Patch, the finest in the Noosa Hinterland.

Returning to Shepperson’s Park, and after re-uniting me with his back pack, Gavin and the group headed further down Shepperson’s Lane. At the end of the lane, the trail entered into Neilsens Quarry and followed the fence line. Upon reaching a dam, Gavin waded through mud below the dam before a voice yield at us. It was the caretaker telling us to go around the dam. Too late for me!!!


Andy then tried right along the fence and that was ok. So the group went back around the dam and met at the old stump on the property corner. Following the fence further, the trail passed though a gate to the other side of the fence and continued to follow the fence up the head of the gully to a gate on a saddle. From there a number of gates, creeks and paddocks were encountered before meeting a small road which led down to Gympie-Kin Kin Road. The trail crossed the road and ascended up a driveway before descending the hill on a bitumen driveway back to Gympie-Kin Kin Road. Just past this, the trail turned right past a welding artists workshop, and across Kin Kin Creek, on a few large stepping stones. I was sure Gavin was going to go in!!!

After all made it over the creek, it was a short distance back to the Kin Kin Country Life Hotel and the cars. We arrived back at 3.00pm.

Distance walked: 20.9 km over 6 hours.


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