Tunbubudla Saddle and The Saddleback – 15/05/2016

Gavin packed me up again with all his bushwalking gear, and as we went out the front door, the sun was shining brightly. Its going to be a great day.

Andy arrived and off we went on the next adventure. The first stop was the meet point outside Elimbah State School and after the great crowd of about 20 had gathered, Gavin gave them a briefing of the walk. Then it was into the cars to the start of the first walk, at the intersection of Old Gympie Road and Twin View Road.

From the cars, the walk went out into the bright sunshine and followed the Gladstone to Strathpine power lines to the national park boundary, and a track to the left. Turning left at this point, Gavin said to Andy that he hoped the path Andy had chosen was easy to find, as we had turned left about two hundred metres from the gated entry point.

After about 2.5 km came to an intersection with a gate leaning against a tree, and large boulders and tree limbs across a faint gap in the trees. A quick look around and Andy went down the clearing for a time and then returned with the news that that was the track as he had intended. It was even right on the GPS! Gavin was concerned that this could go poorly, and end up as a Womens Weekly World Tour.

Following this faint track the original track as intended was met and a turn left and followed this track to the Tunbubudla Saddle. It was ashamed the trail bike riders had been on this track and heavily eroded it, especially in the steep sections. Once on the saddle, it was morning tea time, and a nice break taken. From here the views of the twin peaks of Tunbubudla were viewed with the East Peak being a lot higher than the West Peak. (At least these peaks are name right. Mt Coochin habits two peaks marked North Peak and South Peak, but the peaks are aligned East-West!)

After morning tea, the track descended to the road that rings the mountain and a left turn was taken to pass below West Peak. After 3 hours we returned to the cars, had a debate about where to have lunch, but some needed to depart, so the rest of us decided to have lunch at The Saddleback.

After lunch, Gavin decided to just carry me and the phone the 1.2 km to the summit of The Saddleback. For the whole walk from the cars the track ascended very gradually till the rockslabs were met. Then it was a case of finding the track as it threaded its way up. Upon reaching a ridge and a saddle between peaks, it was turn right to make the last ascent too the highest peak. On top there were stunning views in all directions, and after photos and selfies, it was time to descend.

At the bottom, the group broke up and went their seperate ways.

Andy drove us home and that was the end of a really good day for #gavinswaterbottle.


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