Water Bottle Adventure – Healthy Heart Walk

On the 08/05/2016, or “MAATE” for mens mental health, the club hosted a walk in conjunction with the Sunshine Coast Regional Council for Heart Week – the Healthy Heart Walk in the Glasshouse Mountains. As a water bottle, I have no heart to worry about, but I can get emotional, does this mean I have a heart?

The walk started at the Matthew Flinders Park, and Gavin was concerned he had forgotten something (plenty of previous on this front!!). Anyway off we went. First we walked onto the old Bruce Highway, crossed Tibrogargan Creek and turned left into Evans Road. Passing under the North Coast Rail Line the walk then veered right to the intersection with Berteaus Road. From there a sign to Tibrogargan Car Park and a walking track was located. This track was followed to the new East Tibrogargan car park, beyond which, the road is now closed with a gate, but also had a step through. The road was followed the junction of the Trachyte Circuit, Fire Trail, and Tibrogargan Circuit. The Tibrogargan Circuit was followed around the Base of Mount Tibrogargan, over a number of bridges including the troll bridge, and past a number of lookouts with views to the various peaks.

The track then led to the Tibrogargan day use area, from which the Trachyte Circuit was picked up and followed to the Trachyte Circuit Car park and then on to the Trachyte Ridge and Jack Ferris Lookout. The view from the lookout was great over nearly all the peaks of the Glasshouse Mountains, and the weather couldn’t have been kinder. Although I felt the water in me getting a bit warm. Hope Gavin doesn’t gag on it if he decides to have a drink!

From the lookout the Trachyte Circuit descended to Caves Road and then paralleled Caves Road before heading north to cross Tibrogargan Creek and return to the 3 track junction. The road was the followed out retracing our steps to Matthew Flinders Park.




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