Kluvers Lookout Walk – 24/04/2016

The walk started with meeting at Dayboro Cemetery. The club intention was to meet at 8.30 am to then car pool to the start of the walk. However, the people that registered through the council were advised to meet at 9am. So we waited. While here a Bush Stone Curlew made its presence known.


At 9.00 am we had gained 23 all up and so got into the cars and drove to the walk start 2 km up Wirth Road from Lacey’s Creek Road.

Commencing the walk at 9.20am the walk followed Wirth Road as it meandered along May Creek for about 1.5 km. The road then crossed May Creek and began its ascent of the D’Aguilar Range. After about 300m a gate was encountered with a step through. The walk then continued up the hill to the next gate and the intersection with the Range Road, 5 km from the cars. A stop for morning tea was held in this section. The cuttings were admired and it seems that this road was convict built as it used to be the Petrie to Esk Road. There used to be a milestone on this road highlighting this fact.

Turning left the walk then followed the Range Road as it ascended to Kluvers Lookout. This stretch was 2km and had some steep sections with loose gravel. Note to self on the way down, it is going to be treacherous.

At the top, after an ascent of about 530m over two hours, the Kluvers Lookout sign was found with a car park, and a good viewing spot across the road and higher again. An early lunch, morning tea number 2, however people felt, was enjoyed.

The return leg was to retrace the steps and took just over an hour for the descent, with a goanna viewing us from its vantage point in a tree.

A great walk.


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