North Pine Dam Walk Report

Meeting at McGavin View on North Pine Dam’s northern shore, the group grew to 20. The walk then went back down Vores Road to the first street on the right. Descended towards the North Pine River and encountered a fence blocking our way. Returned up this street and then continued further down Vores Road to Grant Street. Again halfway down the descent to the North Pine River, was a locked gate blocking our way.

We returned to McGavin View and then headed the other direction to a track and gate on the foreshore. This walk was 6 km and wound around the foreshore of the northern side of the dam suddenly came across a gate with no signs on it. Went to investigate and the track ascended to the ridge with the houses on Whiteside Road and a large easement behind these houses. Walked along this easement until a gate with no public access and returned to the cars about 11.30 am and had lunch.

Walk distance 7.9 km. Time of walk 2.5 hours.


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