Northbrook Gorge – 14/02/2016

I know I know, what else should the club do on Valentine’s Day. But it was such a beautiful day, perfect for a walk and swim.  The walk to Northbrook Gorge started with meeting at Maiala Day Use Area of D’Aguilar National Park.  From there cars were driven to an apiary site on the Northbrook Parkway and parked.  The walk went across the road to a well formed track which descended into Northbrook Creek. From there the track followed the creek upstream for about 400 metres to the first gorge. o get through this gorge, a swim of 3 metres was required and then the second gorge entered.  This was easily waded through, then further upstream, about another 500m, the third gorge was encountered. A morning tea break and a swim and then return to the cars.  A great day!!


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