July 26 2015 – Southern Conondale Range Great Walk Circuit

Starting from the intersection of Sunday Creek Road and Peters Fire Management Trail (Jimna 14km sign at this intersection) walk along the Peters Fire Management Trail for 2.5 km to the junction with the Conondale Great Walk and turn left onto the Conondale Great Walk walking track. Walk for 3.2 km to the intersection with F Traverse Fire Management Trail, and turn left to continue on the Conondale Great Walk to Tallowwood Walkers Camp another 500 metres on.  Return from the camp to the intersection with F Traverse Fire Management Trail and turn left to continue on F Traverse Fire Management Trail. Follow F Traverse Fire Management Trail through to Booloumba Creek Road. Turn right and follow Booloumba Creek Road down over Bundaroo Creek and up to the top of the next ridge at the junction of South Goods Road. Turn right onto South Goods Road and follow to the junction with Tragedy Fire Management Trail and the Conondale Great Walk, passing over Booloumba Creek just before this junction. Turn right and follow Tragedy Fire Management Trail to the Conondale Great Walk sign on the right. Follow the Conondale Great Walk walking track as it ascends the flank of Mount Gerald and meets the Mount Gerald Fire Management Trail. Turn right and follow the Mount Gerald Fire Management Trail back to the Peters Fire Management Trail, along the crest of the Conondale Range, also the boundary between the Sunshine Coast Regional Council and Moreton Bay Regional Council, passing the summits of Mount Ramadan and Mount Langley, the highest point in the Sunshine Coast Regional Council area. At the junction with the Peters Fire Management Trail continue straight on to the intersection with Sunday Creek Road, the starting point. Walk distance – 29.3 km. Walk grade – medium. Total ascent – 550m.

Crossing of Booloumba Creek on South Goods Road


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