Mount Mee bushwalk – 17/05/2015

Starting at 9.00am from the Gantry Day Use area, the walk followed Neurum Creek Road for about 1 km descending to the turn off to the Falls Car Park. Walk 200m to the car park and then the 1.0 km return walk to the escarpment lookout and Falls Lookout. Return to Neurum Creek Road and continue down hill to the intersection just before the quarry. Turn left and follow the road to for 1 km to Mill Rainforest Walk car park. from the Mill Rainforest Walk car park follow the Mill Rainforest Circuit of 1.1km. Return to the Mill Rainforest Walk car park and then follow the road back towards Neurum Creek Road. At the gate turn right and go up the track to the gate and go through the gate and follow the road.  At the time of writing, the lantana became impenetrable after going over the top of the hill so a return was made back to the road.  This track is on the map as cutting across to the Neurum Creek Road. The walk then went back up to Neurum Creek Road, and then turned right to continue on Neurum Creek Road. Just before crossing the creek, a track comes in on the right, which is the other end of the track started from the gate on Mill Rainforest Walk Road.  Cross the creek and follow the road up the hill to a hairpin bend. On the left is a steeply ascending tracked by trail bikes. This track ascended steeply to Lovedays Road. Upon reaching Lovedays Road turn left and after about 200m turn left onto the Somerset Trail. Follow the Somerset Trail back to the Gantry Day Area.

Map of walk

Map of walk

Time on track: 5 hrs 5 mins with about 1 hour of stopping.

Distance: 16.43 km


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